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Part Vampire, Part Giant. VAGIANT!

She'd make grown men gasp when she'd go walkin' past

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So I guess I should start off with 'Hi'. I'm boxxer_auction and I like yelling 'Hi I'm Daisy!' long walks on the beach. Just kidding. Actually I like anime & manga, graphics, icontests, jewerly, cosplay, make-up, hanging out with my friends, really minty gum & reading. I also enjoy the really crispy part of chicken fingers, but we won't get into that.

I semi-often post and comment all the time. But that's 'cause I have no life aside from wasting my vision and little intellect on my computer. Seriously, I sit in-front og this thing for at least half the day o.o I'm pretty friendly, and like the vast majority of people/society. Majority being the opperative word there, 'cause sometime's people aren't all that great >.>

Did anyone ever notice how people's Bio's usually sound like they're trying to get a date? o.O Or maybe there's some pre-made template that I'm supposed to follow or else the gnomes will steal some more of my socks....

Anyways, I really have nothing else to write except that if I do yell "Hi! I'm Daisy" It's part of the imaginary tick I have. Oh, and talk to strangers and take candy from them. So far I haven't died, so it's been a good idea . (Then again it always seems like a good idea at the time) ;D