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January 2010

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Sleepy Hollow - Raping me!

Chloe's buying a car

I'm searching on craigslist and kijiji but what should I be looking for?
I know nothing about cars.....

It's so scary ;o;


Go to Autotrader.ca

You need to think about budget and how old of a car you are willing to go, as in the model year.

Feel free to ask me stuff, I have been through the used car purchasing dilemmas!!! =)
Thanks! I don't really care about year but I think it would be nice to have something in the 2000s. Is that a good year to aim for when trying to find something relatively cheap?

hmm...for $600 budget I think you'd be getting more trouble than the car would be worth.

This is the only decent thing I found and its not the prettiest thing:

I think if you want a decent used car and you're not overly picky on looks, you'd be looking at maybe around $5000.

And you'd want to aim for a 4 door car since sport coupes cost a LOT more for insurance.

If you can up your budget in the next couple months, just look around you at older cars and see if theres anything you like. It makes the search a lot easier since you can't really compare a Toyota to a Chevy. Also what I find helps a lot if you are looking for a much older vehicle is...see whats on the road, that will give you an indication of reliability. Once you know what you generally like you can zone in on it and hunt down a good deal.
Oh you should ask Lisa! I picked her brain when I was buying my car. She probably knows a lot of people who may be selling their older vehicles.
Wow!!! Thanks SO much for all the research and info you gave me!

Im debating learning stick... Do you think it is worth it?

*points to comment above*

I agree. Knowing the following will help.

- How much are you able to spend on the car itself
- How old of model year
- What are you using it for (IE basic A-B? Or a bit more than that)
- Size of car
- What's fuel mileage for the car?
- Any issues regarding that specific maker/model? How much of a hassle is that make/model going to be.
- Insurance cost for that car.

While I went with new vs used due to how much I drive per year, I can offer advice if needed!

Though Mazda3's are pretty good in terms of service/parts and all that jazz XD


Userpic used cause it's car related...not cause of anything else...that is all XD
I want to spend no more than 600, but that might seem unreasonable

I'll be using it to go from a to b, yes, but also wanting to take it to and from school as well as possibly to cons in the us?

Make and model are not really concern, though it would be nice to have a car that looks nice.
And I have not looked into insurance but I'm running on a student budget

thanks for all your help too! And I like the pic xD

LOL...$600 might not get you a whole lot. Or if it does get something, might be on it's last legs. But if you find something good, then hurray! XD
Hahahahahah I would drive that too!!

Aside from what's been said, google car reviews and long-term reliability info once you've got something in mind.

Also, ask friends who are into cars, which you basically have. If you answer some of iceman_f1's questions some of us could probably suggest a shortlist as well.
My advice for buying a car on craigslist or kijiji - don't, unless you have a mechanic in the family who can come with you to see it. Really, go for something certified - it might last longer than the drive home :)



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