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January 2010

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Wallflower - Kyaaa!

I just read 2 weeks worth of LJ.... I think my eyes are bleeding...? Sorry I didn't comment on any of them... Dx

In other news I have spent a vast majority of my time watching movies. Illegally mind you, but I can't afford to see everything in theatres. >.>

Wall-E 4.7/5
AMAZING! Slow at the beginning, but it really just gets better and better as the movie progresses. Wall-E was so cute! Plus, for a movie with 2 minutes of actual dialogue, that just makes it more impressive.

Wanted 3.8/4
Another awesome movie. Still for some reason I've never been a fan of Angelina Jolie. I mean she's a good actor but Something about her bugs me... Though the movie was fairly well done, and I loved the twist in it.

Hancock 3.5/4
This was kind of dissappointing because everyone was saying how amazing this movie was, and funny etc. But I only found it mildly amusing. The one scene that I did like best was when !!!SPOILER!!! Hancock finds out that Charlize Theron's character is another one of him. Still, I wasn't overly thrilled about it after seeing it. Still a good B movie with nice action.

Balls of Fury 1/5
I watched 10 minutes, then promptly shut the thing off.

Mr.Woodcock 1/5/4
Insert Balls of Fury and replace 10 min. with 20.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army 4.9/5
Words cannot describe the epic-ness, so I'm going for a "HELL YEAH"

Get Smart 3/5
Cheap humour with predictable plot. I mean I heard the old show was pretty bad, so i didn't expect too much, and there were some actually funny lines, but overall not a movie I would recommend. Though Anne Hathaway is an actor I like very much (Ella Enchanted! >D ) so points for that xD

Incredible Hulk
I was happily surprised with this movie. Mind you, I was never a fan of the Hulk (My least favourite comic character and I'm more if a DC girl), but this kept the "Hulking" to a minimum and actually focused on character development. It was still an action movie to fill a guy's time, but overall not too bad. Though Liv Tyler's character acted weirdly innocent for most of the movie, which didn't quite fit...

In other news, DARK KNIGHT IN 54 HOURS >D (Hehehe, I got both my midnight ticket and my IMAX ticket too!)


You forgot to rate the Incredible Hulk Smash!
Can't wait to watch Wanted on Thursday :D

And The Incredible Hulk was REALLY good, Marvel really is stepping up with their movies FINALLY. I'm not a fan of The Hulk or anything but It was still really good. So far It's my fav. summer movie, though it'll be number two after I see Dark Knight!!!!!!
wait wait wait wai ....You DIDN'T like Balls of Fury?

You're nuts.

Did you watch it by yourself or with a group? When we watched it, there was like 10 of us and we were cracking up at all the stupidity of it all.

Again, you're nuts.

And Get Smart, the TV show, is great. But an youngin like you wouldn't "get it" LOL

Lastly, I thought Hancok was alright. I just wish they followed the plot direction from the first half of the movie instead of the plot direction of the second half of the movie. Was still enjoyable, but it can easily be a movie one watches on DVD one night.

I still want to watch Hellboy 2...can't wait.

You're a nut.

I agree. Balls of Fury was hillarious (in a cheesy, stupid way). I saw it twice in theatres. And I love Christopher Walken. XD But then again, to each his/her own.

BTW, I should have pictures of the hippies up tonight. ^_^
I probably am xD. I mena I decided to watch Balls of Fury when I was alone at my cottage, so I can see how that would've affected my opinion had there been cool people there to experience it with XD

But yes, I am a definite nut. But that would make you a Nutbar, so it all evens out i guess .